How do I know if I have a Lemon?

It is clear that no one wants to purchase or lease a lemon but unfortunately this happens to millions of people. Thankfully, there are some early warning signs that can alert you that your vehicle may be a lemon. It is important that you identify these problems as early as you can because driving a lemon can be dangerous. Many of these problems can substantially affect your vehicle’s use, value, and safety.

Here are a few signs that you may have purchased or leased a lemon.

Steering Problems :
  • Steering wheel is shaking or there is “play” in the steering wheel.
  • Vehicle drifts to one side and you often need to correct the direction.
  • Cracking noises when doing a “U-turn” at low speeds.
When you begin to drive your vehicle, pay attention to steering problems because they will be indicators that your vehicle’s steering may be defective, damaged, or worn-out. Steering problems can be extremely dangerous at high speeds. It is important that you take your vehicle to an authorized service facility if you are experiencing any of these problems. Tire Problems:
  • Wearing unevenly such as wearing on the outside instead of the middle.
  • Cracking or there are cuts in the sidewalls.
  • Tires causing excessive road noise.
  • Bulges or blisters in the tires.
  • Tires causing excessive vibration.
The vehicle’s tires can be
Why Should I Hire a Lemon Law Attorney? ​

Why Should I Hire a Lemon Law Attorney? ​

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicle you may want to consider filing a Lemon Law claim. The question is whether it would be best to do it yourself or to hire a Lemon Law attorney. The primary concern for most people is how much will it cost to hire a Lemon Law attorney, and will it be worth it?

A Lemon Law attorney gets paid by the manufacturer

We've all heard the horror stories about a family member, friend or co-worker that filed a lawsuit and at the end of the day, the attorney ended up keeping most of their settlement. That won't happen to you if you hire a Lemon Law attorney!

California's Lemon Law protects you from this, because it makes the manufacturer to pay for your attorney's fees and costs. This means that you will not have to pay for attorney's fees out of your pocket, the manufacturer pays for it separately. The next question is whether hiring a Lemon Law attorney is worth it?

You will get the best deal and won't leave money on the table

As soon as a manufacturer knows that you are pursuing a Lemon Law claim against them, they prepare themselves in an effort to save themselves as money as possible. This is where hiring a qualified Lemon Law attorney is key! We hold them accountable and fight for your rights.

As time passes, Courts' will often change the "right" amount of

How many repair attempts are required to file a California Lemon Law claim

How Many Repair Attempts are Required to File a California Lemon Law Claim?

The California Lemon Law says that the manufacturer is allowed a reasonable number of repair attempts before a vehicle is considered a lemon. The law does not set a specific number as to how many repair attempts constitutes reasonable, it will depend on all the circumstances of your claim, but generally at least two repair attempts are required. The Lemon Law allows the dealership or manufacturer to make a reasonable number of attempts to fix a substantial defect before your vehicle is considered a lemon. So, there's the first question.

What exactly is a substantial defect?

A substantial defect is a problem that is not caused by the owner's use of the vehicle after purchase. It is a problem that impairs the vehicle's use, value or safety. In most states, the defect must be covered under a written warranty and affect a serious function or expectation of the vehicle.For example, a problem with the steering or brakes may qualify as a substantial defect, because it affects the vehicle's safety. On the other hand, a loose glove compartment does not qualify as a substantial defect, because it is a minor problem that doesn't affect a significant function or expectation of the car.Now that we see the difference between a defect and a substantial defect, the next question is how many repair attempts will constitute as reasonable opportunities for each circumstance. If
What are some red flags I should keep an eye out for in a car dealership to avoid a lemon vehicle?

What Are Some Red Flags I Should Keep an Eye Out for in a Car Dealership to Avoid a Lemon Vehicle?

Although California has laws that protect consumers like you after purchasing or leasing a lemon, it would be better if you can identify red flags in a vehicle before purchasing it.

"As is" vehicles

The biggest red flag is if a used vehicle is being sold “as is.” When a dealership sells a vehicle "as is," it typically means that there is no warranty in place and the dealership makes no guarantees about the condition of the vehicle. If you buy a vehicle "as is" and it ultimately turns out to be defective, you may not be entitled to any legal benefits under the Lemon Law. If the vehicle has previously been determined to be a lemon and its sold “as is” by a dealership, they must disclose that the vehicle was a lemon. If they do not disclose that information to you, you may be entitled to compensation. Lemon vehicles that are bought back by dealerships and then resold must be identified as a “lemon law buyback” and have a “lemon” sticker on their door. When lemon buybacks are not properly disclosed and sold “as is,” you may still have rights under the Lemon Law. These circumstances will be very specific to the details of your claim, The Lemon Pros can analyze this and see if you have a claim against the dealer or manufacturer.

Extremely Low Price

We all have heard the phrase "you get what you pay for." This is absolutely true when purchasing a

If I Purchased My Car Outside of California Does The Lemon Law Still Apply?

If I Purchased My Car Outside of California Does The Lemon Law Still Apply?

The California Lemon Law generally only applies to vehicles that were purchased or leased in California. That means that most consumers who purchased or leased out-of-state vehicles will not qualify for compensation under the California Lemon Law. However, if you purchased or leased a vehicle outside of California you may still qualify to receive compensation under a few circumstances.As mentioned, there is an exception to that rule. If you are a member of the Armed Forces and stationed in California or if you are a resident of California while in the Armed Forces, you will be protected by the California Lemon Law, even if your vehicle was purchased or registered in another state.

So now, what if you are not a member of the Armed Forces and purchased your vehicle outside of California?

The good news is that even if you are not a member of the Armed Forces, you may qualify for the Federal Lemon Law (often called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act). The Federal Lemon Law covers all consumer vehicles sold with warranties within the United States. This means that vehicles used primarily for work (Uber, Lyft, etc.) may not qualify. It is important to contact a qualified Lemon Law attorney like The Lemon Pros right away, so we can assess if you qualify for
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