How many repair attempts are required to file a California Lemon Law claim

How Many Repair Attempts are Required to File a California Lemon Law Claim?

The California Lemon Law says that the manufacturer is allowed a reasonable number of repair attempts before a vehicle is considered a lemon. The law does not set a specific number as to how many repair attempts constitutes reasonable, it will depend on all the circumstances of your claim, but generally at least two repair attempts are required.The Lemon Law allows the dealership or manufacturer to make a reasonable number of attempts to fix a substantial defect before your vehicle is considered a lemon. So, there’s the first question.

What exactly is a substantial defect?

A substantial defect is a problem that is not caused by the owner’s use of the vehicle after purchase. It is a problem that impairs the vehicle’s use, value or safety. In most states, the defect must be covered under a written warranty and affect a serious function or expectation of the vehicle.

For example, a problem with the steering or brakes may qualify as a substantial defect, because it affects the vehicle’s safety. On the other hand, a loose glove compartment does not qualify as a substantial defect, because it is a minor problem that doesn’t affect a significant function or expectation of the car.

Now that we see the difference between a defect and a substantial defect, the next question is how many repair attempts will constitute as reasonable opportunities for each circumstance. If the problem is a substantial defect, the vehicle may be considered a lemon if it is not fixed after just one repair attempt. If the problem is not a substantial defect, the vehicle may be a lemon if it is not fixed after two or three repair attempts.

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