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May 2024
23rd May 2024

Is it Possible to Return a Car to the Dealership in California?

If you've recently made a car...
22nd May 2024

Guide to Extended Car Warranties in California

When your factory car warranty...
21st May 2024

Lemon Law for Used Cars in California

California Lemon Law protects...
17th May 2024

Lemon Law for New Cars in California – How to Get Compensation

California Lemon Law is in pla...
15th May 2024

Can the Dealership Repossess my Vehicle?

Disclaimer: The Lemon Pros do...
7th May 2024

Lemon Law Buyback Guide: Protect Your Rights as a Consumer

For a vehicle to be eligible f...
6th May 2024

What Are Reasonable Attorney Fees Under California Lemon Law?

When you win your Lemon Law ca...
Apr 2024
25th Apr 2024

The Average Lemon Law Settlement in California

Do you own a defective vehicle...
23rd Apr 2024

Warranty Work: How California Dealerships Get Paid

If you have a problem with you...
22nd Apr 2024

How Much Does a Lemon Law Attorney Make on a Lawsuit?

Lemon law attorneys in Califor...
18th Apr 2024

How Much Do Lemon Law Attorneys Cost?

California Lemon Law ensures t...
17th Apr 2024

Reasons to Sue a Car Dealership in California & How to Get Paid

In California, consumers are p...