What are some red flags I should keep an eye out for in a car dealership to avoid a lemon vehicle?

What Are Some Red Flags I Should Keep an Eye Out for in a Car Dealership to Avoid a Lemon Vehicle?

Although California has laws that protect consumers like you after purchasing or leasing a lemon, it would be better if you can identify red flags in a vehicle before purchasing it.

“As is” vehicles

The biggest red flag is if a used vehicle is being sold “as is.” When a dealership sells a vehicle “as is,” it typically means that there is no warranty in place and the dealership makes no guarantees about the condition of the vehicle. If you buy a vehicle “as is” and it ultimately turns out to be defective, you may not be entitled to any legal benefits under the Lemon Law.If the vehicle has previously been determined to be a lemon and its sold “as is” by a dealership, they must disclose that the vehicle was a lemon. If they do not disclose that information to you, you may be entitled to compensation. Lemon vehicles that are bought back by dealerships and then resold must be identified as a “lemon law buyback” and have a “lemon” sticker on their door.

When lemon buybacks are not properly disclosed and sold “as is,” you may still have rights under the Lemon Law. These circumstances will be very specific to the details of your claim, The Lemon Pros can analyze this and see if you have a claim against the dealer or manufacturer.

Extremely Low Price

We all have heard the phrase “you get what you pay for.” This is absolutely true when purchasing a vehicle. If the price of the vehicle is a lot lower than comparable vehicles, this may be a sign that there’s something wrong with the vehicle.

New or Mismatched Paint

Although fresh coat of paint may look great on a used vehicle, it isn’t always a good selling point. New or mismatched paint can mean that the vehicle had been in an accident and has been recently repaired. If a dealership applies fresh pain in an effort to hide accident damage, this could mean that the accident was substantial, and it can to major headaches throughout your ownership. If you see new or mismatched paint, make sure you ask for a Carfax report before purchasing the vehicle.

Warning Lights

Let’s be honest, we’ve all driven a vehicle with the check engine light on at one point in our lives. When we see a used vehicle with its check engine light on, we may assume that it’s not a big deal because our experiences with the check engine light on often turned out to be something minor, like a faulty sensor or the gas cap not being tightened enough. If you are looking at vehicles at a dealership and see one with the check engine light on, you should be careful, because it can mean that there is a bigger problem with the vehicle. If the problem was minor, the dealership would have fixed it already.

Many Prior owners

Another red flag is if a vehicle has too many prior owners or it’s sold quickly after it’s purchased. This be a sign that a prior owner found problems with the vehicle and decided to sell it before they had to do the repairs. When vehicles have more than one owner every couple years, you can bet that there’s a good chance that the vehicle has had problems.

Verbal Warranties

The days of being able to count on a handshake deal are long gone. That is why it is important to have any warranties offered on paper. If the dealership salesperson insists on keeping warranties off the contract and tells you that they’ll take care of any issues, you should be alarmed that something can be going on. If they are not willing to put those promises on the contract, it is likely that they will not honor them when and if you begin having problems. Make sure that all warranties are explained to you and are written into the contract.

No Service History

We all know that regular maintenance of your vehicle is key to its longevity and reliability. When you go and buy a used vehicle, you want to make sure that regular maintenance was conducted on the vehicle by reputable shops. When a reputable shop does an oil change, they report it, and it will show up on a Carfax.

If you don’t see any maintenance conducted on the vehicle, it could be a bad sign. Even if the vehicle had regular oil changes, the fact that it’s not properly reported can mean that a subpar mechanic worked on the vehicle.

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