What are some tips if I think I have a Lemon Law claim?

What are some tips if I think I have a Lemon Law claim?

Being informed on your vehicle’s potential problems, as well as looking out for red flags in your vehicle, are the best ways to avoid being stuck with a lemon. Before you buy your vehicle, you should look for known issues and recalls. However, if you find yourself dealing with a lemon, it is important to know what you should do to have the best possible outcome for your lemon law claim. 

Keep personal records

If you believe you have a lemon on your hands and want the best outcome for your claim, you will need to keep all your records. When you experience any problem – even if you don’t take your vehicle to the dealership – document it. Write down the problem you are experiencing or take a photograph or video.

When you do go to the dealership, keep notes of the date you went in, what you complained about, what they diagnosed, and how much they charged. If you have verbal conversations with anyone at the dealership, make sure you write down what they said and when they said it. This information will help your attorney evaluate your claim. 


Take your vehicle to an authorized repair facility.

Your family mechanic will not be able to do any repairs under the manufacturer’s warranty. It is vital to take your vehicle to an authorized dealership for the manufacturer. The California Lemon Law says that the manufacturer is allowed a reasonable number of repair attempts before a vehicle is considered a lemon. 

The key here is that the manufacturer has to have an opportunity to repair the vehicle. The authorized repair facilities act on behalf of the manufacturer for the purposes of repairing your vehicle. If you take your vehicle to a family mechanic or an unauthorized repair facility for your problems, your vehicle may not qualify under California’s Lemon Law.

Take care of your vehicle.

If you believe that your vehicle is a lemon, it is extremely important that you keep up with the maintenance schedule. Manufacturers will attempt to shift the blame on you if they find that you neglected your vehicle and did not maintain your vehicle. In addition, do not abuse your vehicle. Most vehicles now have the ability to internally document how fast you are driving, how fast you accelerate, and how hard you brake. Again, a manufacturer will shift blame to you if they see that you are abusing your vehicle by driving too fast.

Save Your Repair Orders

Whenever you go to any repair facility, you should always request a printout of the initial work order and the final invoice. When you receive the initial work order, make sure that the service advisor has written down every complaint that you are having. Often, service advisors will leave certain complaints out of repair orders and address them verbally because they may see that you have come in for the same complaint several times.

Hire qualified Lemon Law Lawyer

If you believe that your vehicle is a lemon, you should immediately reach out to The Lemon Pros to evaluate your claim. Fighting the manufacturer on your own is often an uphill battle because they have a vast network of attorneys who will do anything to protect the manufacturer’s bottom line.

The moment you hire The Lemon Pros, you even out the playing field. Our team knows the ins and outs of the Lemon Law, and we’ll protect your interests. We know the loopholes that the manufacturers’ attorneys try to use and how they handle each type of case. Don’t waste your time trying to deal with the manufacturer directly because they will give you the runaround in an effort to frustrate you and have you just drop your claim.

Call us today for a free consultation before time runs out to pursue your claim.

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Why Choose The Lemon Pros?

Our specialty is Lemon Law, that is why we only handle Lemon Law claims. When you hire us, our attorneys will do all the legal work for you, because we understand the stress that consumers like you deal with when they have a Lemon.

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