You might have heard of Lemon Laws in the context of cars or trucks. These are consumer protection laws that allow consumers to return a new vehicle with safety issues that the manufacturer cannot repair after multiple attempts. These laws provide important legal protection that applies to what may be the largest purchase of your life.

You might be surprised to learn that California’s Lemon Law applies to boats, too. It is important to understand your legal rights so that you do not get stuck with a lemon. By holding boat manufacturers accountable for critical safety defects, you can help all boaters stay safe across California.


In general, the California Lemon Law applies to any watercraft that is sold with a valid warranty. These watercraft could be anything from a large yacht to a boat with a small outboard motor. Once you purchase or lease a boat with a manufacturer’s warranty, you have lemon law protection. Lemon laws hold manufacturers accountable for defects that are covered by the warranties they sell.

When a consumer pursues a claim under the lemon law, the manufacturer is notified of critical safety issues that apply to their products. Notifying the manufactuer is not only to put them on notice that you may have a claim -. It is also a safety issue that could affect anyone using the waterways of California.


The lemon law applies to specific defects that impair your watercraft’s use, safety, or value. You must prove that there is a significant defect which is also covered by the warranty. You must then provide adequate notice to the manufacturer and give the company the opportunity to repair the defect(s).


If the defect is still not corrected after multiple repair attempts, or your boat is out of service for a significant period of time, you may then have the right to lemon law protection. Owners of lemons may require the manufacturer to repair or replace the boat. Owners and lessees of lemon boats may also choose to return the boat for a full refund of any payments that have been made.

There are specific legal requirements that must be met in order to prove that your boat is a lemon and to allow the manufacturer the opportunity to repair your boat. By consulting a lemon lawyer as soon as problems arise with your boat, you can help protect your legal rights under the California Lemon Law.



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