How Much Do Lemon Law Attorneys Cost?

How Much Do Lemon Law Attorneys Cost?

California Lemon Law ensures that consumers who purchase or lease defective vehicles get befitting compensation from the vehicle manufacturer or dealership. To increase your chances of winning your lemon law case, you need to involve an experienced lemon law attorney so that you can get the compensation you deserve. However, many consumers avoid hiring a lemon law lawyer because they believe it will cost a lot of money. But that is not true.

The average cost for a lawyer is around $400 to $600 an hour. This figure is based on the time needed to complete a case, as well as the complexity of the situation.

The award winning lemon law attorneys at The Lemon Pros can help you get the compensation you deserve without breaking the bank. You don’t need to pay upfront; you only pay when you win the case. Schedule a free consultation with us now let’s assess your case and get started.

Here, you’ll learn the factors that influence the attorney fees for a lemon law claim and all you need to know about California’s lemon law.

What is Lemon Law?

What is Lemon Law?

Lemon Law protects consumers who lease or buy a defective vehicle – also known as a lemon. In California, Lemon law comprises the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty and the Tanner Consumer Protection Act (California Civil Code Section 1793.22). Under California lemon law, the manufacturer is required to compensate the consumer by replacing the defective vehicle, refunding the vehicle’s purchase price to the consumer, or cash compensation

If your car is a lemon, the manufacturer may give you a new replacement vehicle that is free from issues and equivalent in value to the defective vehicle. On the other hand, the manufacturer may refund you the purchase price of the vehicle plus other mandatory charges such as registration and tax. You can also decide to keep the vehicle and negotiate cash compensation for the reduced value of the vehicle caused by the defects.

However, what are the criteria for a vehicle to be considered a lemon? A vehicle is considered defective if it has a significant issue that affects the vehicle’s value, safety, or use. Additionally, the defect must be such that the manufacturer or dealership could not repair it after a reasonable number of attempts. The number of attempts that are considered reasonable may vary across different jurisdictions, also depending on how long the dealership holds the car for repair.

What Kind of Vehicles Does the California Lemon Law Cover? 

What Kind of Vehicles Does the California Lemon Law Cover? 

California lemon law covers both new and used vehicles (bought or leased) that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Vehicles covered under Lemon law include cars, trucks, boats, SUVs, motorcycles, chassis, chassis cabs, drive trains of motor homes, dealer-owned vehicles, and demonstrators.

However, not all vehicle defects are covered under California lemon law. Essentially, the law covers defects that affect the use of a vehicle, its safety, or its value. The type of defects covered by Lemon law include mechanical issues – engine failure, overheating engine, hard starting, faulty transmission system, etc., safety issues such as faulty brakes, airbag malfunctions, seat belt issues, defective headlamps, etc.

How Do Lemon Law Attorneys Get Paid?

How Do Lemon Law Attorneys Get Paid?

Lemon lawyers usually receive their payment on a contingency basis or sometimes, direct compensation by the manufacturer as California lemon law requires. On a contingency basis, the lemon law attorney will not require an upfront payment to handle your case. Rather, you pay them an agreed percentage of your compensation if you settle or win your case. Since the lawyer’s payment depends on the success of your case, they will not receive any payment if you lose. Hence, the contingency fee basis often makes them do their best to ensure you win.

Alternatively, if you win your lemon law case, California Lemon Law may mandate the manufacturer pay your attorney fees and other legal costs. The idea of this provision is to make sure that high legal fees do not discourage consumers from hiring lemon law attorneys for their lemon law cases. Ultimately, you should discuss the terms of payment with your lemon law attorney before initiating your case.

Factors That Influence Lemon Law Attorney Costs

Factors That Influence Lemon Law Attorney Costs

Although the manufacturer covers attorney costs sometimes, you still need to understand the various factors that determine the overall cost of hiring a lemon law attorney. Some of these factors include:

  • The complexity of the lemon case
  • The agreed percentage of the eventual settlement as a contingency fee
  • The experience and reputation of the attorney
  • The location of the lemon law attorney
  • The duration of the case
  • Additional legal costs

The more complex a case is, the more a lemon law lawyer is likely to charge. This is because complex cases may require additional costs to do more research, and the legal process may take longer. Contrarily, simple cases cost less as they take less time and resources to settle. Additionally, the attorney’s reputation and location can significantly influence the legal costs. Highly experienced lemon law attorneys are more likely to charge higher than less experienced ones. Similarly, you’re likely to pay higher for attorneys in more developed cities than rural areas, due to higher demands, higher cost of operations, and a more competitive market.

Can You Afford to Hire a Lawyer?

Even though it’s usually costly to hire a lawyer, that is not the case for a Lemon Law lawyer. The consumer does not need to pay the attorney’s fees. What’s more, getting the help of an experienced Lemon Law attorney like The Lemon Pros can help minimize the time it takes to negotiate a favorable deal with the manufacturer or dealership. If you are planning on filing a Lemon Law claim, the first thing to do is to speak to a Lemon Law lawyer to find out if there are any issues with your case. The Lemon Pros offers their services for free, and they do not charge up-front fees. Schedule a free consultation with us today and trust the services of a skilled lemon law attorney to fight for your rights.

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