How Much Does a Lemon Law Attorney Make on a Lawsuit?

A good Lemon Law attorney like The Lemon Pros will make sure that you have taken the proper steps to establish a proper Lemon Law claim. He or she will review your case to make sure that you have a valid claim before they begin any litigation with the court. California’s Lemon Law is amazing for consumers like you because if you win your case and your attorney’s fees are reasonable, the manufacturer or dealership will have to pay for those fees, not you.
Your attorney will submit all of his or her expenses for the case to the manufacturer or dealership for payment. This ensures that the manufacturer or dealership does not take any money from your award to pay him or her. At times, some more qualified Lemon Law attorneys may ask for a small portion of the settlement they receive from the client.
When hiring a lemon law attorney, the client should not pay for the attorney’s fees or retainer fees out of pocket or up front. Both state and federal laws require that the manufacturer or dealership pay for the reasonable expenses of the attorney. As more people trade in their older cars for more fuel-efficient models, the number of lemons being sold on used car lots will ultimately increase.
This will ultimately result in more consumers being sold a lemon and thus more work for Lemon Law attorneys. The California Lemon Law requires manufacturers or dealerships to pay the legal fees and expenses of consumers when they sue. This means that we are never paid unless and until we recover a monetary recovery for our clients. We do not collect any additional fees from you.
Most jurisdictions (like California), allow consumers to recover the reasonable attorneys fees when they win their case. This provision was added to remove the financial risk from the consumer. This is important because a consumer does not have to fear expensive legal bills and thus can pursue their Lemon Law claim. Both federal and state laws require the vehicle manufacturer to pay the legal fees and costs of a successful lawsuit.
The average cost for a lawyer is around $400 to $600 an hour. This figure is based on the time needed to complete a case, as well as the complexity of the situation. For a simple lemon law case, you might be able to get up to $500 an hour in attorney fees. However, if your case is complex, you might not be able to get a higher hourly rate.
Some more experienced Lemon Law attorneys may also ask for a small portion of the recovery that they get from the settlement. Like many have said, you get what you pay for. Each state has its own requirements for a vehicle manufacturer or dealership to follow when it comes to fixing a defective vehicle. Generally, a manufacturer is given a certain amount of time to repair a vehicle.
The number of visits a car makes to a dealership for repairs is important. If a vehicle is returned for the same defect multiple times, you may be able to sue the dealership as well. Your lawyer will gather all of the information necessary to properly represent you. He or she should not make promises regarding the amount of money that will be awarded or the status of your case.
A competent and ethical attorney will complete a comprehensive case evaluation to try and get the highest possible award. They should never promise that they will get the vehicle bought back or that their client will be compensated fully. Finally, The Lemon Pros are happy to have an initial free meeting or consultation with you to discuss and evaluate your potential case.
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