Lemon Law Buyback Guide: Protect Your Rights as a Consumer

Lemon Law Buyback Guide: Protect Your Rights as a Consumer

For a vehicle to be eligible for buyback under California Lemon Law, there must be a defect, safety issue, or other problem that interferes with its regular usage. If the vehicle hasn’t been repaired in a reasonable time, it is possible for you to receive compensation. A lemon law buyback refers to the manufacturer repurchasing the vehicle back from the consumer because of these unresolved defects.

If you’re struggling with a defective vehicle in California, don’t let the frustration overwhelm you. Take action today by reaching out to our experienced California Lemon Law Attorney. After resolving thousands of lemon law cases, we have confidence that we can get you the compensation you deserve. Whether you are hoping for a buyback or a new car, contact us today for a Lemon Law Consultation.

It’s critical for you to understand your rights through lemon law buybacks so that manufacturers can’t take advantage of you. In this blog, we will cover the definition of a lemon car, show you how the lemon law buyback program works, and explain the process.

What Constitutes a Lemon?

What Constitutes a Lemon?

For a car to be considered a lemon vehicle, there are certain factors that must be met. First, California’s lemon law requires that a claim be filed within 18 months of taking ownership of the vehicle while it is still covered by a warranty. Additionally, there must be an unrepairable defect that affects its usage, performance, or safety.

The factory warranty is in place to cover any manufacturer defects during the eligible period. This warranty states that the manufacturer will take responsibility for repairing said defects. If they cannot hold up their end of the agreement, then the consumer has a right to compensation.

And while the manufacturer is entitled to some time to repair the defects, what is a reasonable number of attempts when it comes to these covered repairs? The dealership has thirty days to attempt a repair for each complaint before it becomes covered under lemon law. That’s not counted consecutively, either. If you take your car into the shop five times for the same problem, the thirty days are across all five of those visits.

Another thought to consider is all of the potential issues that could be considered a defect. This poses the question of what types of problems are covered by Lemon Law. Mechanical failures, safety issues, structural defects, performance problems, and unresolved manufacturer recalls are just a few of the reasons for filing lemon law claims.

How Does Lemon Law Buyback Work in California?

How Does Lemon Law Buyback Work in California?

A California lemon law buyback is when the manufacturer repurchases the vehicle from the consumer because of defects that can’t be repaired. According to California Lemon Law, manufacturers are required to buy back vehicles that have unrepairable defects. The consumer is to be reimbursed for the purchase price or provide a replacement vehicle.

The average lemon law settlement in California may take up to 90 days. Depending on the details, it could be shorter or longer.

There are several different outcomes that can happen, including the following.

  • Buyback of vehicle: Most times, the manufacturer agrees to buy the defective vehicle back from the consumer. The purchase price is reimbursed, including all sales tax, registration fees and other expenses. If the warranty return vehicle is financed or leased, the payments paid out may be reimbursed, along with the down payment.
  • Replacement vehicle: In lieu of a cash reimbursement, some manufacturers prefer to provide a replacement vehicle, but it must be of equal value. It must also be free of the same defects.
  • Partial refund/settlement: There are times when the manufacturer only offers a partial refund to compensate for the defects. In these cases, the consumer often keeps the vehicle.
  • Payment of attorney fees: The manufacturer is often responsible for paying the consumer’s legal fees, leaving nothing due out of pocket from the claimant.

Because there’s always the chance that the claim could be denied, it’s best to get guidance from a qualified attorney before filing for a lemon law buyback. If the manufacturer disputes your lemon law claim or only offers a partial settlement, you want an expert on your team.

Often times people are hesitant to move forward with their lemon law claims because they are worried about how much a lemon law attorney could cost them. Every California lemon law attorney sets their own fees. However, our team charges nothing for the initial consultation and ideally, we would strive to get the manufacturer to pay all your additional fees if you win, such as rental car expenses or towing bills. If you don’t get paid, neither do we. Set up a free consultation today!

The California Lemon Law Buyback Process

The California Lemon Law Buyback Process

While every lemon law buyback claim is different, here are the typical steps for the buyback process.

1. Identify the Problem

If the car has a recurring defect that can’t be repaired, documentation needs to be gathered. This documentation should include all of the dates of service, the technicians and staff that were spoken to, and the results.

2. Manufacturer Notification

The next step is to notify the manufacturer. The consumer must make the issue known to the manufacturer, or the lemon law attorney can file the necessary demand letter for you. At this point, it’s critical to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

3. File a Lemon Law Claim

If the manufacturer can’t offer any resolution for your lemon law buyback, it’s time to file the claim. Notification gets sent to the manufacturer detailing the problem and the history.

4. Litigation or Arbitration

Based on the manufacturer’s informal dispute guidelines, most lemon law cases proceed to arbitration first. If the case isn’t resolved this way, the consumer proceeds to litigation.

5. Negotiation and Buyback

During litigation or arbitration, the consumer and manufacturer may reach an agreement for buyback. This buyback process starts with the offer of the purchase price, taxes, registration fees, and other expenses involved.

6. Buyback Agreement Execution

After the finalization of the buyback agreement, the manufacturer gives the purchaser the compensation or the replacement car and the consumer returns the vehicle. The title, keys, and any other documentation must be with the vehicle.

Through this process, you want to follow some helpful tips to move the settlement along and ensure you get everything you deserve. Here is the best advice from our top lemon law attorneys.

  1. Keep a detailed account of all repair attempts, communication, and defects. Record dates, times, the names of people you’ve spoken with, and the outcome of every conversation.
  2. Seek out an experienced lemon law attorney as soon as possible. You don’t want the manufacturer to take advantage of you. It’s important to know your rights.
  3. Respond to your lawyer promptly. When information is requested, make sure you get it to them immediately so the process can keep moving.
  4. Be willing to compromise. We aren’t asking you to sign your life away, but you do want to be slightly flexible if a good settlement comes in.
  5. Be patient, but don’t be taken advantage of. While you may need to wait a little for repairs or a response from the manufacturer, don’t neglect following up and putting a mild amount of pressure on them when needed.
  6. Understand all the costs involved with a lemon law claim. Some lawyers have you pay upfront fees. Don’t be caught off-guard. Instead, ask for a detailed invoice of these fees before starting.

A good lemon law attorney is just an extension of you. They handle all of the back and forth with the manufacturer, so you don’t need to be as stressed about the lemon law buyback.

Preparing for a Lemon Law Buyback

Preparing for a Lemon Law Buyback

If you follow the tips stated above, you are well prepared for a lemon law buyback. The next step is to consider the buyback offer and whether you should accept it.

Here are some possible offers you may expect.

Purchase price: A fair buyback typically includes the reimbursement of the original purchase price of the faulty motor vehicle. This price covers the taxes, registration certificate, smog certification expenses, vehicle license fee and other costs associated with the purchase. There may also be reimbursement for other associated fees with the vehicle defect, such as towing fees, repair shop costs, and a rental car for the time that the faulty vehicle was in for multiple repair attempts.

Usage fee adjustment: Some manufacturers adjust the buyback with a usage fee. This is what the vehicle was worth and how much use the consumer got from it before the defect occurred. Mileage and time are both factors in this adjustment. All vehicle manufacturers have their own formula for deciding the Lemon law buyback value.

Options for replacement vehicle: Instead of offering the buyback, the manufacturer may give the consumer a vehicle of equal value to resolve the Lemon Law dispute. This option is fair if the condition and market value are a good match.

Attorney fees and costs: In California, the manufacturer is required to pay the consumer’s attorney fees and other legal costs if the lemon law case is won. The fair buyback offer includes this amount paid to your qualified lemon car lawyer.

There’s always the option to negotiate with the manufacturer. You aren’t required to take its first offer. Having a professional lemon law attorney working for you helps this process go smoothly. Manufacturers are far more willing to budge on terms when dealing with a lawyer.

If you’ve never had to work with an attorney before, you may be wondering how to choose a lawyer for a lemon law case. You need to do your homework. Start by following all of the recommendations given to you by the state of California. Any lawyer you choose must have a proven track record of winning and can give you references from past clients. It’s also good to check with friends and family to see if they have any recommendations.

After the Buyback

After the Buyback

Once the buyback is over, it’s our hope that you never have to deal with a lemon vehicle again. By now, you’ve either purchased a new vehicle or are driving your replacement. The legal settlements should be long behind you and your attorney may have been paid by the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that there’s no law against filing subsequent lemon law cases if your next vehicle turns out to have defects as well. Each vehicle is considered independent from the other, so your rights apply to each one.

If you decide to keep the vehicle and take a settlement, you can’t file any more claims for that lemon defect. Once you’ve agreed to keep Lemon Law buyback vehicles, you have also agreed that you are okay with future defects and problems.

Want to Win Compensation for the Lemon Law Buyback Vehicle

By understanding the Lemon law buyback process, you are ready to get every penny that you are entitled to. Any ignorance of the laws could mean you are missing out on valuable compensation.

Don’t attempt to file a lemon law buyback claim on your own. You need a reputable lemon law attorney on your team. Equip yourself with a lemon car lawyer in California for superior guidance and support. We offer a free Lemon Law Consultation and we have proven to be the experts in the industry.

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