California has some of the broadest consumer protection laws in the entire country. This fact means that Californians can be even more confident when making large purchases. A vehicle is one of the largest purchases you are likely to make, so it is important to understand your consumer rights under the California Lemon Law. Learn more about these important legal protections and how the state regulations vary from the federal lemon law.


You might be surprised to learn that California Lemon Law is not just limited to cars and trucks. Other registered vehicles, including boats and trailers, are also covered. Recreational vehicles are also subject to the protections of the California Lemon Law, which is important to anyone who owns one.

RVs are often far more expensive than a car or a truck. Some consumers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a brand new, fully equipped RV. When you make a purchase this large, you have the right to expect that your RV will be safe.

What recreational vehicle types are covered? For starters, motorhomes that have their own engine and are designed with living quarters, such as Class A, B and C motorhomes, are all covered. Travel trailers, and towable RVs pulled by a motor vehicle also enjoy protection under California lemon law. Similarly, fifth-wheel trailers fall under state lemon laws with a design reminiscent of a travel trailer, but with the hitch being mounted over the truck’s rear axle. A toy hauler would also receive protection through the RV lemon law, with its living quarters and garage area typically used to transport a recreational vehicle, such as a motorcycle, ATV, or UTV.

So what are your options if your RV turns out to be a lemon? Owners can return vehicles that qualify as lemons under the law for a full refund of any down payments and monthly loan payments that they made. You may also require the manufacturer to replace the lemon with a vehicle that is as good or better than the lemon. Finally, you can accept a settlement and keep the vehicle.

Whether you need protection through the state’s or federal lemon laws, it’s important to understand the regulations. The federal statute and state lemon laws are very similar, but you need to know what’s allowable with lemon law claims before filing. Otherwise, you could miss out on the compensation you deserve. For this reason, we always recommend having a lemon law lawyer guiding you in the right direction.



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You have the right to be reimbursed for many different types of costs. These can include your sales tax and registration fees, any repair bills that the manufacturer has not already covered, and any incidental costs you paid because your vehicle was a lemon. (A common example is a tow truck bill.)

Your specific reimbursement will depend on what you choose to do with your vehicle. For example, if you return the vehicle for a full refund, you will be entitled to reimbursement for any registration fees you paid.

But if you keep the vehicle, you will still be using the registration, so the manufacturer will not reimburse this cost. Your incidental costs will also depend on your situation. If you got stuck out of town, for example, you might have a hotel bill.

You could also have a repair bill from a local shop because you could not make it to a dealership. All of these costs are subject to reimbursement in a fair settlement for your lemon law claim.


Overview of Lemon Laws

RV lemon law attorneys help you get out of a defective RV. With the state lemon law, there’s consumer protection against the same defect that’s unrepairable. Lemon RVs must be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and the issue needs to one that would be included in this coverage.

As with automotive lemon law cases, the issue must arise within the first 18 months of taking possession of the defective motorhome. There are some circumstances that can alter this timeframe, but 18 months is the general rule of thumb. Experienced attorneys will be able to tell you whether your motorhome can be classified as a lemon RV.

State-Specific Laws

Not all states offer coverage for a motorhome Class A, B, or C and other RVs. In these states, consumers can still receive protection under federal laws like the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which governs warranties. California is among the best states for lemon laws, whether it is for a defective car, a poorly-built chassis cab, or a bad RV.

Criteria for an RV to be Considered a Lemon (State and Federal Lemon Law)

As with motor vehicles, the RV lemon law only applies to RVs that are leased or sold in California and still under the manufacturer’s written warranty. The issue must be covered by the warranty and be unrepairable. However, this defect can be on nearly any part of the RV because it only has to interfere with the use, safety, or value of the vehicle. Therefore, there could be a malfunction with the propulsion system or a failing air conditioning system that can’t be repaired.

The manufacturer or dealer must have made a reasonable amount of repair attempts with no resolution, while under the warranty. Depending on the seriousness of the defect, the number of repair attempts made may be two to four before it qualifies as a lemon RV.

Federal regulations also come into play, such as the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, which can provide further consumer protection or supplement the state’s guidelines.

When To Consider Hiring an RV Lemon Lawyer

There’s no reason to be stuck with a defective recreation vehicle. Because navigating the RV lemon law can be difficult, it’s always best to contact a qualified attorney to learn about your legal options. Our firm has handled thousands of cases from RV owners and lessees just like you, some of which were settled during arbitration and others in court. Gather your documentation and reach out for a free consultation today

Our service is provided on a contingency fee basis, therefore you won’t pay any attorney fees upfront. Furthermore, when we win compensation for purchased or leased RVs, the manufacturer or dealer is responsible for paying us, so nothing comes out of your pocket.